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YQL Yahoo Query Language and Json.NET


So I’ve been working on a new finance application and learned about yahoo’s new (to me) YQL.  I was immediately curious to know if they offered their finance data.  Lo and Behold…. YQL Blog Team posteth.  So after reading the post and looking at the YQL console the decision is….  Use Linq to XML or deserialize the Json?   Being a devout C# user, I wasn’t to keen on ham0fisting my way through the the Linq, which admittedly the VB team has created and amazingly powerful version of Linq to XML. (side note: the C# team should just admit the VB guys beat you, just please add those features already) that being said.  I just wanted to deserialize the json into a C# object.  After a few seconds on I found Json.NET.  While Linq to XML is powerful, I have chosen to start developing my app using YQL with Json being returned.   The Json will have a smaller bandwith (maybe insignificant, depending on the volume with my app) and once it is deserialized I’m hoping will allow for quicker development and easier for reuse.  Maybe I’ll take the component open source on codeplex.  We’ll see how it turns out first.

Phone Call Probability

In the digital world I have found that the chance of someone calling is inversely proportional to the convenience of that call with regards to both time and location! 






  • I've been waiting for a call, all day.  I put my phone down on the counter and proceed to the restroom. 
  • My phone is across the room, on 'Loud' and I just fell asleep.
  • I've been hunting for Moose all day, and I just spotted a Sasquatch
  • There's an Axe murderer with a strange mask in my house, and I'm hiding in the closet.


  • I'm expecting a call, everyone has left the house, I just sat down on the couch to relax. 
  • I'm talking a walk by myself.
  • I just blinded myself, with some kind of spray? OMG Help I can't see my phone!