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Free Tools: SQL Search 2

So you’re working on a large scale legacy project, you been assigned a ticket for a bug.  The app uses one or more databases and you actually got your hands on the log and see the exception is coming from an object in SQL Server, you have the name (of the table or stored proc) but where is it?  Redgate SQL Search 2 is one invaluable tool I am very grateful they offer for free.  If you’ve ever connected your SQL Server Management Studio to a database only to find a list of over a thousand stored procedures, you know that needle-in-a-haystack hopeless feeling.  Or lets say you’re trying to find out what function or stored procedure is mysteriously changing data in a table, SQL Search can help you find those devious minions. 

Search across multiple tables and objects

Scope the extent of your search

Type-ahead live search results

Results are returned as you type

Jump directly to the object.

Quickly jump to the found objects

I’ve tested Redgate’s other free trial tools and found SQL Compare to be amazing, unfortunately I wouldn’t use SQL compare enough to justify the price, even though it is a powerful and valuable tool.

Photo credits: Redgate