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Best tools for Netduino or Arduino

Here’s my list for the best tools you’ll want when working with the Netduino, or the micro-controller of your choice.


If you’ve just started to learn netduino or arduino or the *duino of your choice.  You’ll probably be thinking about what would make it easier to prototype the ideas that you have.  So here is a quick list of the stuff that has made working with my devices a little easier.

  1. A prototyping sled
    1. Keep all your prototyping items strapped down to a platform that’s easy to organize on.  But you’ll need a AA battery holder and a 6” breadboard
    2. for powering the breadboard a AA battery pack with an on/off switch is a nice choice.
  2. A fishing tackle box
    1. Plano tends to be the leader with the widest variety of tackle boxes available at your local outdoor store.  There are varieties made specifically for tools and hardware at Lowes or Home Depot, but those are generally a little more money.
  3. A helping hands stand
    1. when soldering new parts together, from different unassembled kits, you’ll quickly wish you had four hands.  And this stand will more than earn it’s worth.
  4. Miscellaneous parts kit
    1. Unless you live next to a radio shack, you’ll never know what small miscellaneous part you might need. The sparkfun beginner parts kit is something great to start with and comes with a nice little box that keeps it organized.
  5. Obligatory soldering iron
    1. I probably shouldn’t have to put this on the list but I won’t make any assumptions, if you don’t have one, you won’t get very far working on your own projects…
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