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kerbauth.dll failed to load

So you’re getting this error, when you try to restart an application pool in IIS7? 


The data is the error?  What the?  All your base belong to us too, huh?

Well, quick question; Did you uninstall Exchange Server CAS/WebAccess, or modify the original installation?  Well in my case I uninstalled Exchange Server CAS from my webserver.  And it promptly broke all my sites.  After some googl’ing I found that Kerberos Authentication is an IIS module. (obviously related to exchange)  Ok, fire up IIS Manager and lets look at the servers modules…


Nope, it’s not there… hmmmm….  Back to google….

Aaahhhh, yes, I remember that web.config thingy for IIS itself… where was that…  oh yeah, I remember, pfft, no I don’t.  Thank goodness for Google.



Alright lets take a look at this thing…  ctrl-F to search for “kerbauth”, oh look, there it is…
Well I didn’t have exchange on this box anymore sooo… lets just comment it out, cause I don’t wanna mess with this file too much, it could really mess up IIS.


ok, back to IIS and restart my app pools,

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